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Library Committee & Policies


Library Use Policy

When the Fellowship is open to the public (Sunday mornings and posted office hours) the library will be available for quiet, individual use only.  Alternative meeting spaces can be coordinated with the UUFA office.

During these open hours, the library will provide a respectful, intellectual, and spiritual environment for users.  It will be self-serve.  The library committee is responsible for providing signs and instructions on library use and procedures.  Occasionally members of the library committee may be present, as they do their committee work, and can assist individuals using the library, but it is not expected that the library will be staffed during all open hours.

When the Fellowship is closed to the public, the library may be used for meetings.


Material Selection Process

Materials proposed for inclusion in the Dustin Berger Memorial Library collection go through a selection process by the Library Committee.  Evaluation criteria are available here.


Reconsideration Policy

If a UUFA member or friend has a concern about a specific resource in the library and would like it removed, this form must be filled out, signed and dated, and given to the library committee chairperson.  They will take this request to the full committee.  If the person with the concern does not agree with how the committee resolves his/her concern, the issue may then be brought to the Executive Leadership Team of the Fellowship.


Library Committee Mission

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames Dustin Berger Memorial Library will provide a place and resources for members and friends to explore the seven principles and six sources of our faith. It will provide an environment that is accessible, helpful, and multimedia in nature. The library committee will provide policies, structures, and assistance to live up to this mission statement.  (approved by Board February 13, 2013)


Committee Structure and Responsibilities of Members

  • The chair of the committee will see that the mission statement is implemented. The chair will also make sure that the Dustin Berger Memorial Library Endowment process is followed annually to move money from the endowment into the long term library account. The chair will prepare annual budget requests and annual reports with the help of the members. The chair will appoint and mentor a vice-chair to assume chair responsibilities after a few years.
  • The vice-chair of the committee will support the chair in implementing the mission statement, learn how to lead the committee and will move into the chair role after a few years.
  • The members of the committee will help the chair implement the mission statement.
  • Members will also help with budget requests and annual reports.


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