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Upcoming Services

Sunday Services at 10:00 am.
Nursery & childcare available.


July 2 - Dancing in the Streets: The Power of Collective Joy
Jan Cook

In her book, Dancing In the Streets, Barbara Ehrenreich talks about the power of festivals - shared music, dancing, feasting, ceremony, playfulness and joy - to unite people and strengthen community relationships. Festivals were and are events created by the people, for the people, with everyone actively involved. Hierarchical societies have always been uneasy with the egalitarian nature of festivals and often sought to suppress them or substitute passive spectacles or solitary activities.  The loss of a sense of community in modern times has gone hand in hand with a loss of homemade collective joy. What would it take to bring more of that back?


July 9 - Building Bridges: Lessons from Cuba
Guest speaker: Dr. Rose Caraway

On either side of the short distance between Cuba and the United States, the points of entry at airports open up a window into relationships between loved ones in the midst of more than 50 years of (political) separation.  On both sides of the water, everyday individuals hold onto the hope that one day, contact between friends and family members won't be so difficult. What lessons can we learn about hope, reconciliation, and building bridges in looking at the case of Cuba?


July 16 - Qigong
Karen Bates

Qigong is the system of ancient Chinese exercises that uses our awareness and breath to move, transform, direct, and balance our energies.  Qigong is the mother of other Eastern types of exercises such as Tai Chi.  Included in qigong are mindful movements, breath work, self-applied massage, and guided meditation.  Qigong is often thought of as a moving meditation that relaxes and calms the body and the mind.  In May, Karen studied with a Chinese master in the Wudang Mountains of China and will share some of what she learned.


July 23 - Summer Hymn Sing
Jane Runneals

"Music. Whether we create it or just listen to it, music has a way of speaking – or singing – directly to our souls, taking us to a deeper place than words alone can manage."  ~The Daily Compass

Join us for a summer hymn sing service, and help choose a personally meaningful song from one of our hymnals!  Keeping a song in your heart will be easy to do after you’ve attended this service!


July 30 - The Awe Gap
Steven Cannon

As we move through day to day experiences, we try to make sense of it all, looking for answers and getting caught in routine and details. We sometimes forget the wonder around us. Let’s pause this week and remember moments of awe within in our lives – those times when we feel pleasantly insignificant and connected to the whole world. Let’s consider how those awe moments have impacted our lives.

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