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Upcoming Services

Sunday Services at 9:15 & 11:00 am.
Nursery & childcare available.


October 22 - The Courage to Learn from Failure
Rev. Kent McKusick

Last spring, 65% of all UU congregations (including UUFA) examined how white supremacy plays out in UU spaces and in our culture. One of the organizers, Kenny Willey said, “UUs are a lot braver on the whole than we give ourselves credit for. We have the capacity to have hard conversations, I really believe that.” Fifty years ago, similar conversations, controversies, and the resulting loss of many people of color was taking place in what is referred to as the Black Empowerment Crisis. Reflecting on our past and how it repeats invites us to be bold and courageous during these transforming times in our tradition.


October 29 - Honoring the Courage of our Ancestors
Jan Cook

Halloween/Samhain is traditionally a time to reflect on and honor our ancestors. Many of our parents, grandparents and beyond endured personal or political trials and tribulations with courage, fortitude and perseverance. In this time of political, moral and spiritual challenge, looking to them can inspire our own courage and moral strength to carry on and to act bravely for our families and for the common good.


November 5 - We Were An Island
Rev. Kent McKusick

In 1949, Nan and Art Kellam moved to an isolated, 500 acre island off the coast of Maine to live there year round for forty years. Cut off from the world and living with the most basic necessities. Amy Slagell and Rev. McKusick offer readings from the Kellam’s island journal and correspondence. Theirs is a story of abundance in simplicity, determination, isolation, and devotion.


November 12 - The Tao of Abundance
Rev. Kent McKusick

The Taoists believe that if we all lived in the Tao, we would all live in abundance. Abundance is the natural way of the universe. This service introduces how we might be more open to receive the natural abundance of the universe and let go of attachments that keep us from experiencing it.


November 19 - Partner Church Sunday
Rev. Dr. Brian Eslinger, Kitty Fisher, and the Partner Church Committee

Description coming soon.


November 26 - Abundance without Things
Karen Bates

Description coming soon.

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