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Upcoming Services

Sunday Services at 9:15 & 11:00 am.
Nursery & childcare available.


April 9 - Transforming Our Vision from Personal to Shared
Rev. Kent McKusick

This participatory service is an invitation to explore the development of a vision statement as an articulation of how we can live into the values of our mission. At its simplest, a vision statement answers the question: What do we want to create? How will we grow spiritually, create community, strive for justice, and learn to love?


April 16 - Resurrection and Transformation
Rev. Kent McKusick

The Easter season is a season of hope. UU minister Carl Scovel understands the resurrection as a recognition that any of our lives can be transformed at any time, and we can begin again. As Unitarian Universalists, we have an opportunity to learn about living and transformation from the Easter story.


April 23 - How Soon Is Now?
Rev. Kent McKusick

This Earth Day service will explore the writing of Daniel Pinchbeck. He considers the ecological and geopolitical crises facing humanity to be rites of passage. Survival will require a transformation of our collective soul and the way in which we relate to the earth and each other. Ranging from practical to radical, his ideas respond to and reflect the chaos and turbulence of our times.


April 30 - To Be of Use
Lori Allen, guest speaker

Lori Allen, UUFA Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries from 2007–2014, updates you on her life since her days of Our Whole Lives, Stories of Our World Family, Coming of Age, and Youth Group.  She’ll share with you the "ah hah" moments that affirmed her decision to leave UU work, as well as the difficult moments when she’s grieved the loss of weekly storytelling, crafting, laminating, and youth overnight duties.  The challenges and gifts of transitioning from UU religious educator to trauma counselor and advocate will be told through story, song, and poetry.

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