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Upcoming Services

Sunday Services at 9:15 & 11:00 am.
Nursery & childcare available.


February 26 - AP Honors Intro to Identity Exploration (2 Credits)
High School Youth Group

The high school youth group invites you to join them as they instruct this advanced crash course on all things pertaining to identity. This course is required for graduation.


March 5 - Truth as the Ultimate Risk
Rev. Kent McKusick

A long list of martyrs is testament to the risk of telling one’s truth. How might we navigate the often confusing culture and continuum of truth,  alternate truth, and fact checking as Unitarian Universalists who have promised to promote a free and responsible search for truth and meaning?


March 12 - The Exquisite Risk of Being Human
Rev. Kent McKusick

On this day of child dedications, we explore the spiritual practice of opening ourselves and slowing down our lives so we might experience and fully embrace life instead of simply managing it.


March 19 - Guest at Your Table - an intergenerational service
Rev. Kent McKusick, Janelle Carlson, Religious Education Students

Whether making quilts for our partner church, trick or treating for UNICEF, or collecting food for MICA, the children of the UUFA are committed to increasing love in our community and the world. Come and hear stories and sing songs of hope as we work together to build a deeper presence of love.


March 26 - Let's Go Outside
Rich Leopold, guest speaker

Spring is here and it is time to go outside, not only to enjoy nature and rejuvenate our spirits, but it’s time to go outside of anger politics,  go outside of our comfort zones, and get outside to explore our potential.  Join our special guest, former Director of Iowa’s Department of National Resources and current gubernatorial candidate, Rich Leopold, for a thought-provoking and invigorating Sunday.

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