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Fundraising Request Form

The Stewardship Committee is charged to serve as facilitator/coordinator of fundraising activities at the UUFA.  This role is important for several reasons, including:

  • To ensure all fundraising efforts are tied to the UUFA mission,

  • To assist in developing appropriate timelines for efforts, ensuring they do not overlap and create an environment in which the congregation feels “over-solicited” for various causes,

  • To advise on how to attain maximum fundraising results with minimal effort, and

  • To ensure that all groups receive equal opportunity.

Please answer these questions and submit to the Stewardship Committee ( and the Executive Leadership Team ( preferably at least 30 days prior to your event and no later than 14 days prior to your event.  Forms may also be submitted to the UUFA office for distribution to committee.  A printable form, for your convenience, can be found at the bottom of this page.


1. Which UUFA Committee is making this request? 
Fundraising requests must come from UUFA Committees, not from individuals.
Committee Chair Contact Information:
External Contact:

2. What is the purpose of the fundraising? 
Fundraising is not intended to replace or supplement the UUFA operational budget, but instead to meet other needs (e.g., disaster relief) that is consistent with the UUFA mission and UU principles.

3. What are the planned dates, location, and method of the fundraising activity?
Please be sure to include the day of the week, calendar date, and desired location/room.  Dates need to include both a start and end date.  Fundraising activities should not overlap with other fundraising or pledge drive activities.

4. Who will be responsible for appropriate management of contributions during the fundraising activity?
Fundraisers need to ensure that funds are collected, stored, used, and distributed in a manner that is responsible. 
• Funds that are collected, regardless of the length of fundraising period, should be safely stored with the UUFA office and not taken home. 
• Cash should always be counted by two unrelated individuals and a Cash and Check Counting Form (available in the office) should be filled out, signed, and included with the cash deposit.

5. What is the fundraising goal?  $__________

6. Upon completion of fundraising activities, funds should be:
□ Deposited to UUFA account  (please list account)
□ Issued via check to 
□ Other.  (Please provide specific details.)

7. Are there any possible community conflicts that could affect your event?  If so, please list them: 
Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau -
Ames Town & Gown -
Ames Community School District - - (check middle and high school calendars)
Iowa State University –

8. Will this be an annual event?

9. Please share any additional details or information that is relevant to this fundraiser.

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