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Staff & Board of Directors


Rev. A.J. Galazen, Interim Minister


A.J. Galazen worked most of his career as a business manager for nonprofit religious healthcare organizations in Minneapolis, MN. He was also a recreational specialist with the Minneapolis Park Board and he organized shuffleboard and volleyball clubs. He retired to the small town of Cornucopia, Wisconsin, and soon felt called to the next chapter of life, ministry.

Rev. A.J. attended United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities and completed his clinical pastoral education units at hospitals in the Minneapolis area. He went on to serve in ministerial internships with congregations in Ashland, Wisconsin, and Ottawa, Ontario, and most recently completed a two-year interim ministry in Denton, Texas. His primary interests are worship, art, small group ministry, spiritual practices, religious history, and constructive theology.

Rev. Galazen can be reached via direct line at 515-292-8929 or via email.



CURRENTLY SEEKING our next Religious Educator!

Find out more about the position HERE!


Bradley Duckstein, Congregational Administrator


The congregational administrator's responsibilities include bookkeeping; maintaining the website; communications and graphic design; responding to telephone, email, and in-person inquiries; serving as the Fellowship's human resources generalist; coordinating building use for Fellowship activities and rentals; and providing support to the UUFA Board of Directors and congregation at large.

Bradley joined the Fellowship staff in late 2014 and is a graduate of Iowa State University with a degree in business management.  His background of banking and finance, as well as his extensive experience with customer service and non-profit organizations, has helped him drive the day-to-day operations of the UUFA.  In his spare time, Bradley enjoys gardening, volunteering, and spending time with his partner, Chris, and their beagle, Henry.


Board of Directors


UUFA Board of Directors meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the third Wednesday of each month and are open to all members.  Agendas and previous meeting minutes are available before each meeting by contacting the office.

The board consists of four officers (president, vice president, past president, and secretary-treasurer), four at-large members, and a youth representative (or co-representatives, represented by one joint vote). The Minister and the Congregational Administrator serve on an ex officio basis.  The president, vice president, and past president serve one-year terms; the secretary-treasurer is elected for two-year terms beginning in odd years. The youth representative serves for a one-year, renewable term; other directors-at-large serve two years. See the UUFA Bylaws for more information.


2023 Board of Directors

  • Jamie Gurganus, president
  • Tigon Woline, vice president
  • Christopher Chase, past president
  • Mike Francom, secretary-treasurer (through 2024)
  • Nichole Olson (through 2023)
  • Keary Saul (through 2023)
  • Jeff White (through 2024)
  • Mark Witherspoon (through 2024)
  • Rev. A.J. Galazen, Interim Minister, ex officio
  • Bradley Duckstein, Congregational Administrator, ex officio


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