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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames

We are a welcoming community seeking to provide opportunities for people of all ages to grow in their spiritual and ethical lives, finding the means to engage the world in creative and transformative ways.

Expressions of our religious beliefs are manifest in our lives; what we do is what we believe. These expressions are apparent as we teach our children of their own value as human beings and help them gain an appreciation for the strength in the human diversity of our world.

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames

1015 N. Hyland Avenue, Ames IA 50014

P: 515-292-5960

Office hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00-4:00, Friday 9:00-12:00

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July 22

A Bridge of Flame
Christopher Chase

Hinduism and Unitarian Universalism share some symbols, values, and history in common. The fire of the UU chalice and the fire of the incensed Hindu lamp each resonate with growth and transformation. This discussion serves to build a bridge between Unitarian Universalism and Hinduism as practiced by our fellow Iowans.

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