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Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission:

Growing spiritually. Creating community. Striving for justice. Learning to love.

(adopted November 13, 2016)

Our Vision:

According to our mission, we envision the Fellowship as a beacon of social justice and liberal religion. As we fulfill this vision, we see growth in our individual spirits, our congregation, and our larger community.

  • We see growth in our individual spirits as we strive to share more actively an excellent ministry for the inspiration and education of all ages, for service to life’s higher purposes, and to honor the mysteries of life and death.
  • We see our congregation, a beloved community, grow as we welcome others who share our mission. We accept our differences. We nurture a culture of generosity, nourishing music, engaging programs, transparent governance, and creative thinking about the future of our physical facilities.
  • We see our fellowship engaging reciprocally in the larger community. We stand with and for people who are marginalized. We embrace the interconnected web of existence and are committed to environmental ethics.
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