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Gallery in the Round

The building of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames is a registered art gallery, open to visitors during regular office hours (Monday through Thursday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Friday by appointment) or at other times by appointment. To make an appointment, call the Fellowship office at 292-5960.

For more information about the gallery, or to purchase artwork from one of the exhibits, contact the Art Exhibition Committee.




Art Exhibition Committee Mission Statement

The goal of the Art Exhibition Committee of the UUFA is to exhibit spiritually enriching art work that supports the creative process in us all. The art exhibition area of the Fellowship building, known as the Gallery in the Round, has a dual role as a continuing aesthetic and artistic enrichment to the practice of ethical and liberal religious ideals within the UUFA and as a community-based professional art gallery, associated with the Ames Community Arts Council.

The Art Exhibition Committee supports and encourages freedom of expression in all its activities. Issues of diversity, individuality, complexity, inventiveness, artistic quality, and the presentation of ideas and issues are considered in the selection of the exhibition program. The content of each exhibit is at the discretion of the Art Committee, using the common principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the stated goals and policies of the UUFA as guideposts.

The Committee welcomes the open discussion of issues and ideas raised by the exhibited art works (and the artistic processes employed in their creation). Procedures for the educational resolution of differences in interpretation, opinion and taste are in place as the committee focuses upon the open sharing of views and support for spiritual fellowship within our religious community.


Current Exhibit

4 from '69 by Stewart Buck, Rex Heer, Karen Kellogg, and (the late) Mike Stohlmeyer

August 17, 2019-October 12, 2019

2019 marks fifty years since these four artists graduated from Ames High School. They are delighted to share their creative work in coordination with the 50th reunion of the AHS Class of 1969.

Stewart Buck was born 1951 in Ames. He graduated from Iowa State University in 1973 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. He continued at ISU and in 1975, he completed his Master’s Degree in Design, and also obtained an additional Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education.

In 2011, Buck retired from the Bondurant-Farrar Community School District, where he taught high school art classes for thirty-six years. He now devotes fulltime to Streamliner Studio, a freelance art business. Buck works with pastels, creating drawings with predominately railroad and landscape themes. His artwork hangs in a wide range of private and corporate collections around the United States, and his images have been selected for book covers, calendars, brochures, greeting cards, and magazines.

Buck lives in Ankeny with his wife, Mary.

Rex Heer, also an Ames native, received a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Education—both from Iowa State University. During his 43 years of employment at ISU his work included creation of a wide variety of artwork, including: visual interpretations of scientific concepts and models of seminal works related to teaching and learning; wildlife illustration for various publications; architectural rendering; animation; interactive multimedia; and virtual world environments.

In 1975 Rex began the [decades-long] project of building his own cabin in the middle of 60 acres of the woods overlooking the Des Moines River valley, where he derives much inspiration for his paintings—primarily acrylics—and photography. He still lives there today. Additional artwork can be viewed at



Karen Kellogg, an Ames native, received her Bachelor of Arts in English with a teaching degree from Iowa State in 1974. She chose to develop a career in construction and facilities management. It began for the Department of Transportation and the Department of Human Services in Des Moines where she supervised inmate crews for demolition and construction in the two male high security prisons in Iowa. For the last 21 years she managed maintenance staff and construction projects for residence halls for the Department of Residence at Iowa State University. She also taught a diversity class for six years at the university called Dialogues on Diversity.

As a lifelong resident of Iowa, Kellogg wanted to go beyond the Heartland to explore the rest of the world. She has explored 49 states and 21 countries. Kellogg’s photographic inspiration derives from nature, architecture and her extensive travel. Her fine art has been in juried shows and exhibited in museums, galleries, group shows and individual exhibitions in the Southwest, Northwest and the Midwest. Her photographs are in corporate and private collections.

For more information, you may email Karen.

Mike Stohlmeyer received his art degree in design at Iowa State University in 1976, which was just the beginning of what became a lifelong study of painting. He painted in a style that is a blend of realism and impressionism. A native of Iowa, he loved to capture the rural scenery of the Midwest. Inspired by the beauty of God's creation, his works are strong in design, composition, with a rich color palette, making his compositions national award winners. Three paintings were juried in the 2006 PaintAmerica’s Top 100 national competition and were on tour for the following year. Michael was a prolific painter and painted throughout a long illness ending in his death in 2012 at age 61.


Upcoming Exhibits

Coming soon! 

October 12, 2019-December 7, 2019

Description coming soon!


December 7-February 1, 2020:

February 1-March 28, 2020:

March 28-May 23, 2020:


Previous Exhibits

For descriptions and photographs of previous exhibits, please click here.


Information for Artists and Visitors

  • Exhibits are displayed for approximately seven to nine weeks.
  • The gallery receives a 20 percent commission on sales.
  • Receptions are encouraged. Artists furnish the food; the gallery furnishes coffee, cold drinks, and all paper products.
  • Each exhibit is insured up to $20,000. Individual pieces are insured up to $5,000.
  • The Art Exhibition Committee will hang the exhibit, with the artist's input when possible.
  • Additional information for artists
  • Exhibition & insurance form

For more information, contact the Art Exhibition Committee or the UUFA Office (292-5960,


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