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Gallery in the Round

The building of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames is a registered art gallery, open to visitors during regular office hours (Monday through Thursday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm) or by appointment. To make an appointment, call the Fellowship office at 292-5960.

For more information about the gallery, or to purchase artwork from one of the exhibits, contact the Art Exhibition Committee.




Art Exhibition Committee Mission Statement

The goal of the Art Exhibition Committee of the UUFA is to exhibit spiritually enriching art work that supports the creative process in us all. The art exhibition area of the Fellowship building, known as the Gallery in the Round, has a dual role as a continuing aesthetic and artistic enrichment to the practice of ethical and liberal religious ideals within the UUFA and as a community-based professional art gallery, associated with the Ames Community Arts Council.

The Art Exhibition Committee supports and encourages freedom of expression in all its activities. Issues of diversity, individuality, complexity, inventiveness, artistic quality, and the presentation of ideas and issues are considered in the selection of the exhibition program. The content of each exhibit is at the discretion of the Art Committee, using the common principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the stated goals and policies of the UUFA as guideposts.

The Committee welcomes the open discussion of issues and ideas raised by the exhibited art works (and the artistic processes employed in their creation). Procedures for the educational resolution of differences in interpretation, opinion and taste are in place as the committee focuses upon the open sharing of views and support for spiritual fellowship within our religious community.


Current Exhibit

Left/Over Objects by Tina Rice

March 24, 2018 - May 18, 2018

"Objects are rich sources of inquiry; they invite us to observe closely, pose questions, forge connections, and anchor ideas in the concrete."  ~Sherry Turkle,  Things We Think With

My work begins with a thing left behind; an object or image.  Humans surround themselves with things: things of necessity, things of luxury, things to accomplish tasks, things to add meaning, things to make us comfortable, things to remind us of something.  We make things, use things, buy things, give things, care for things, discard things.  Every aspect of modern life includes objects.  The variety and scope of ideas about objects is fascinating to me.  The appeal of objects has been attributed to many things, including their unique existence, their spirit, their reflection of their owner, their materiality, and their form.  I think about the inherent community engagement of every object: the way it was made, the people who made it, and the hands that may have touched it.  My artwork is informed by visual analysis of found objects and images.  My work is a response to specific objects and images that I appropriate from others to explore stereotypes, to use symbolically, and to use as a silent collaborator.  Certain abandoned objects, like articles of clothing and furniture, represent stereotypes and offer clues about their prior lives.  As I regard the stereotypes of a business suit, for example, I think of politicians, lawyers, salesmen, men on buses, and my own father.  A business suit isn't a neutral article of clothing.  It is loaded with meaning that is interpreted differently from person to person.  I am interested in how my assumptions about these objects are different from others' and I use this to inform my sculptures.  Men's suits may also show details about their previous owners.  I once bought a suit from a thrift store that had an old funeral program from another state in the pocket.  I have purchased other business suits that carry tags from the dry cleaners or smell like cologne.  This evidence of the former owner reminds me that someone else once had a relationship with the object.  As I use these items that used to be meaningful to a stranger, I prolong the object's value.  I extend its lifespan and shift its purpose from commodity to art object.

Graffiti is another type of abandoned object I appropriate for my work.  I photograph and incorporate the symbols, illustrations, and text left by strangers into my collages.  I assume the marks left by everyday graffiti artists are meaningful to them, but often their message is unclear to me.  This vague content is appealing to me because I can adopt and alter it to communicate my own message, or I can use the images to spread their cryptic message.  Whether I use it as a theme for my own work or just pass it on, I feel like the unknown vandal will appreciate me sharing their work.  This intentional, but ambiguous vandalism is put out in the world to be seen, so I consider myself an advertising assistant for the original artist.  This absurd type of commercial advertising is appealing to me as it mocks the ridiculous advertisements I see every day.  Like abandoned clothing and furniture, graffiti was once significant to the original maker and my work extends their voice to a wider audience.  ~Tina Rice



Upcoming Exhibits

Joe Geha coming soon!

Ma7 19, 2018 - July 14, 2018

More information coming soon!


July 14-Sept 1, 2018:  Kathy Svec

Sept 1-Oct 27, 2018:  Fred Vallier

Oct 27-Dec 22, 2018:


Previous Exhibits

For descriptions and photographs of previous exhibits, please click here.


Information for Artists and Visitors

  • Exhibits are displayed for approximately seven to nine weeks.
  • The gallery receives a 20 percent commission on sales.
  • Receptions are encouraged. Artists furnish the food; the gallery furnishes coffee, cold drinks, and all paper products.
  • Each exhibit is insured up to $20,000. Individual pieces are insured up to $5,000.
  • The Art Exhibition Committee will hang the exhibit, with the artist's input when possible.
  • Additional information for artists
  • Exhibition & insurance form

For more information, contact the Art Exhibition Committee or the UUFA Office (292-5960,


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