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UUFA Response to COVID-19


As of September 2, 2021, the Fellowship will be monitoring the Story County COVID "positive test" rate via If rates reach 15%, all in-person activities at the UUFA will immediately be transitioned to virtual only for the next 7 days. This will include Sunday services, religious education, all UUFA meetings/activities, and external party building use.

Determination will be made every Wednesday (noon) and shared immediately below, as well as via the Friday Weekly Email. The Fellowship office will make every effort to notify group activity leaders most impacted by short notice, but group leaders should always check or this page for updates on whether activities are happening or not.

Additional guidance on regathering has been developed and is available here.


Activity Status

September 22, 2021: YELLOW - 10.3%

GREEN: In-person gathering approved.

YELLOW: In-person gathering approved, but hybrid or virtual recommended.

RED: All activities virtual. 

Next Determination: Wednesday, September 29, noon


Sunday Service at the Fellowship

Join us LIVE on Sunday mornings - online or in person!


SIGN ON HERE (or call 312-626-6799, meeting ID: 997 408 874)

10:25 am: Fellowship Voices Rehearsal
11:00 am: Sunday Service
After Service: Virtual Coffee Fellowship


10:45 am: Gathering/Seating
11:00 am: Sunday Service

After Service: Virtual Coffee Fellowship available via video terminals (no beverage/food service available)

As we begin hybrid services, in-person attendance will be limited to 40 in Fellowship Hall and 20 in our family-friendly viewing areas upstairs, and pre-registration is required to attend. Masking is required for ALL attendees, regardless of vaccination or previous COVID status.

SIGN UP HERE to attend in Fellowship Hall.

SIGN UP HERE to attend upstairs.


Schedule of Events

Click on the links to join the gathering!  If you would like to schedule a get-together, please contact the office.

If joining by phone, be sure to use your mobile device - it's long distance from Central Iowa!

Sunday, September 26: Buddhism Study Group, 4:30 pm (or call 312-626-6799, meeting ID: 204 489 222)

Sunday, September 26: Mindfulness & Meditation, 6:00 pm (or call 312-626-6799, meeting ID: 258 912 292)

Monday, September 27: Women of Wisdom Weekly Check-In, 3:30 pm (ONSITE, Room 3; or call 312-626-6799, meeting ID: 787 178 759)

Tuesday, September 28: Skadberg Science Circle, 7:00 pm (or call 312-626-6799, meeting ID: 946 803 823)

Tuesday, September 28: Nominating Committee, 7:00 pm (or call 312-626-6799, meeting ID: 946 803 823)

Wednesday, September 29: ROMEOs (men's breakfast group), 9:00 am (OFFSITE, West Hy-Vee)

Wednesday, September 29: WOW Book Group, 1:30 pm (or call 312-626-6799, meeting ID: 848 6902 5210)

Wednesday, September 29: Executive Leadership Team, 5:30 pm (or call 312-626-6799, meeting ID: 523 341 816)

Wednesday, September 29: Generosity Team, 7:00 pm (ONSITE, Room 3; or call 312-626-6799, meeting ID: 604 080 942)

Wednesday, September 29: Women in the Round, 7:00 pm (ONSITE, Channing/Barton)

Thursday, September 30: Recorder Consort, 2:00 pm (ONSITE, Fellowship Hall)


Hybrid Platform Model

The UUFA has shifted to a hybrid platform model (offering gatherings both online & in-person simultaneously). Smaller UUFA committees & affinity groups (10 people or less) are currently welcome back to the building. Online meeting links for all gatherings will continue to be available, with video terminals available in the UUFA building to merge audiences. Leaders desiring meeting space in the building should make facility requests with the office.


Online Meeting How-To's

Joining a Meeting (fast video tutorial)
Joining a Meeting for the First Time (slower video tutorial) 
Helpful Hints Sheet
One-Minute Video Tutorials
Extended Video Tutorials
Resources from Foothills UU, Ft. Collins, CO (includes tips you don't usually see and a video tutorial of setting up and navigating during a meeting)
Improving Sound Quality for Live Music (or if voices are distorted) 
Troubleshooting Resource List
Guide for Mitigating Disruptive Visitors in Online Meetings

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