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Ad Hoc Congregational Life Committee

Tally of votes at the August 27, 2016, UUFA picnic for members’ and friends’ seeds of ideas for fun, festivity, and fellowship. The number in each parenthesis is how many votes were cast for an idea.

The ad hoc Congregational Life Committee consists of Peggy Earnshaw, Helen Gunderson, Jonah Powell, and Jan Vine. They will evaluate and revamp the ballot for a final vote (probably online)
in late September. To contact the committee:


(2) Collaborative Art-Making with potluck or sing-along

(13) Time/Talents/Event Auction like UUFA held in the past

(8) Congregational Camping–reserve a place like YMCA for an overnight

(9) Rock/50's/Big Band Dance for Valentines or other day

(1) Presentation on Vultures, Birds of the Air, by UUFA member

(4) Friday Family Fun Night
(10) All Generations Game Night–card games, board games, Twister, etc.
(zero) “Un-Game” Festival–cooperative games

(7) Community Garden

(7) Hobbies Hobby Day–set up tables and display/demonstrate your hobby
(5) Wood-working Class–or something we can learn

(4) Christmas Day potluck at UUFA
(4) Homemade Pizza potluck dinner
(3) Sit-down, “Graduation Dinner” those who complete new member class
(6) Thanksgiving Day potluck at UUFA
(1) Dinner featuring Iowa food/ music

(5) Jam Session–everybody brings instruments, music, voices ...
(zero) UUFA Songwriter Showcase
(9) All Fellowship Sing–all kinds of music! Suggestions ahead of time.
(4) Drumming Circle–bring a drum and enjoy
(22) Moon Cookie Café and Music

(4) Christmas Party for Adults
(3) End of Pledge Drive Party “Great Gatsby” or “Sesame Street” theme
(20) Winter Solstice Party

(1) Story Time ... parents bring their children’s favorite bed-time stories

(2) Open Discussion and Dinner about the ethics, impact, and negative externalities (pollution, water consumption) caused by the production of meat and dairy
(2) Interfaith Forum on Climate Change: science, politics, and social justice

*These ideas will be referred to the UUFA Social Justice Committee. If interested in them, contact

(5) UUFA Slow Pitch Softball Team

(3) Theater Café or Musical Mystery at various locales. Invite outside the UUFA

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