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Class Conscious: Class and Classism in UU Life

Suzanne Zilber, Ph.D., Cleveland Heights, OH (formerly of Ames, IA)

A 2023 version of this workshop manual will be coming soon!

The curriculum invites congregation members to explore how class influences their values, coping styles, and expectations about others. A combination of self reflection, small group activities, large group discussion and videos is provided. Participants will review more specifically how they can make your congregation an even more welcoming place for people of all class backgrounds and prepare to take action against escalating economic inequality. 

This 9.5 hour curriculum is designed to be led by local facilitators who do not have to be experts on class and classism. This curriculum is designed to be conducted at Unitarian Universalist congregations, for facilitators who may not necessarily be experts on class and economic inequality issues.  It is designed to be interactive, while also providing some less interactive components, making the experience beneficial to all participants. 

Topics include:

  • Why we avoid talking about class
  • Emotions related to class differences
  • Class indicators
  • Types of classism
  • Intersections with other "isms"
  • Meritocracy
  • UU history and contexts
  • Domains for congregational classism
  • Economic inequality - reasons for and impacts of
  • Class cultures in organizations
  • Becoming a class ally
  • Stages of classism awareness

This curriculum is free.  Questions on the curriculum may be directed to


We'd like to know who you are!  If you have not already filled out the curriculum registration form, please click here and tell us about yourself!


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