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Annual Meeting


2017 Annual Meeting

Sunday, December 10, 2017, 11:00 am



Call to Order, Welcome & Volunteer Recognition Sam Wormley, Board President

Opening Words & Chalice Lighting Rev. Kent McKusick

Appointment of Parliamentarian

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Rules for the Meeting
Members will be required to sign in to indicate attendance and quorum needed (15% or 34 people*) for general votes. Votes for amendments to the Bylaws need a 30% quorum (or 68 people*). Voting for positions presented by the Nominating Committee is for the slate of all people nominated as a whole, not on each individual nominee. Voting will be by voice vote of members present at the meeting. If necessary, a vote by show of hands will be counted.  Members of the Nominating Committee, Finance Committee and the Board of Directors will address questions.
If there are further pro or con comments, a time keeper will be utilized, as comments will be limited to two minutes per person, one comment per agenda item per person.

Approval of 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

Vote on Proposed Action for Immediate Witness: Climate Change Action (as presented by Erv Klaas, the Skadberg Science Circle & the Climate Solutions Circle, with Board support)

Vote on Amendments to Bylaws (Articles V.3, VI.1, VI.4, VI.5, VI.6, XIV.3)

Vote on the 2018 Fiscal Year Budget

Vote on Proposed Vision Statement

Vote on Candidates Presented for Election (as presented by the Nominating Committee & supported by the Board)

Special Recognition of Outgoing Board Members

Closing Words & Extinguishing the Chalice Rev. Kent McKusick


*Quorum determined using 227 members as of November 8, 2017 board meeting.


Current Annual Report & Meeting Packet

2017 Annual Report


Previous Annual Meetings

2016 Annual Report 

2014-15 Annual Report 

2013-14 Annual Report 

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