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Religious Education Overview


Life becomes religious whenever we make it so: when some new light is seen, when some deeper appreciation is felt, when some larger outlook is gained, when some nobler purpose is formed, when some task is well done.  - Sophia Lyon Fahs, Unitarian Religious Educator


Religious Education & Childcare Opportunities

Religious Education starts Sunday, September 11, at 9:15. All children (PreK-Grade 5) begin each Sunday in the Fellowship Hall and then go to their classrooms. Once a month there will be a large group activity for all students. The 6-8 grade class typically begins each Sunday in the Youth Room.

9:15 am, Religious Education classes for Grades PreK; K-1; 2-3; 4-5; 6-8

9:15 am, Childcare available for age 3-PreK

11:00 am, Childcare available for age 3-Grade 5

9:15 & 11:00 am, Nursery care available for infants through age 3.

  • Nursery care is available for infants, toddlers, and 3 year olds who are not ready for a PreK-K classroom.  Children are cared for in the nursery by paid childcare providers.  Parents are welcome to stay until their child(ren) feel comfortable, as well as utilize changing/nursing facilities.  Please be sure to sign in and out!


Curriculum Overview

Preschool Curriculum: (We Care) Children who are in the preschool room (ages 3 – Kindergarten) will be spending part of their time engaging in free play. The other half of the time will be spend working with the RE Coordinator and Childcare Staff with the We Care curriculum. This is a collection of stories and activities for young children to develop a sense of self and awareness of others’ selves, as well as build a foundation for learning about our UU Faith Tradition.

Kindergarten and First Grade Curriculum: (Around the Church, Around the Year) This curriculum helps our youngest students understand the faith and practices of Unitarian Universalism by helping them engage in their UU community. This program focuses on children's own experiences with building relationships, exploring their personal identity, and being a community member. As the year unfolds, students will gain an appreciation for Unitarian Universalist people, buildings, rituals, and celebrations.

Second and Third Grade Curriculum: (Spirit of Adventure: Discovering UU Identity through Active Learning) Children in this class will continue to develop their UU identity through active learning with an emphasis on the UU Principles and Sources. Students will learn more about famous Unitarian Universalists and the Seven Principles though active projects such as: sports, medicine, food and science. Lesson plans will be created from the Spirit of Adventure curriculum, Stories of Our World curriculum, and Tapestry resources while also being modified to best meet the unique needs of our students.

Fourth and Fifth Grade Curriculum: (Holy Days and Holidays) This program has students learning about the origins and meanings of holiday and holy day celebrations. They will experience festivities and transitions through stories, food, music, crafts, and ceremony. By learning about and celebrating important days from around the world, students will be able to practice living the principles and find their own place in Unitarian Universalism.

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade Curriculum: (Popcorn Theology and Popcorn Theology Too: The Sequel) Students in this class will explore issues of theology and ethics through film. Teachers will be able to select from films recommended in the curriculum and lead discussions after viewing selected scenes with students (while eating popcorn of course!).


A Child-Focused, Safe Community

  • All children must be registered to participate in Religious Education programming.  Regular attendees and visiting families are asked to fill out an information form, and to keep the UUFA office informed of any changes as they occur.  Providing UUFA staff and volunteer teachers with information about allergies, medical alerts, and photo permissions for each child keeps our Religious Education program safe and in compliance with the UUFA Safety Policy.
  • A designated responsible adult for each child (age 14 or younger) must remain on the church campus on Sunday mornings or during other events.
  • Children in Grade 3 and younger must  be picked up from their classrooms by their designated adult.  Children in Grade 4 and older will be released to find their adult when class time has finished.
  • Two adult teachers/volunteers will be present in classrooms at all times.  (Teens who have completed our teen childcare orientation may count for 1 adult.)
  • State of Iowa Department of Human Services background checks are completed annually on all paid UUFA staff and volunteer teachers.
  • The Minister & Director of Religious Education are mandatory reporters of any suspected child abuse or neglect.



  • Visitors are encouraged to arrive at least 10 minutes before the Religious Education class or activity begins so that the Religious Education Coordinator or a UUFA Volunteer may give them a tour of the classrooms and Religious Education facilities.
  • Any parent or designated responsible adult is welcome to attend and observe classes with their children on Sunday mornings.    



Families are encouraged to participate in the Religious Education program through multiple volunteer opportunities.  Contact the UUFA office ( or 515-292-5960) for more information on participation or volunteering.

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