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Youth Group - Grades 9-12

The High School Youth Group meets on Wednesday evenings at the UUFA from 7:00-9:00 p.m. during the school year.  The 2016-17 year will provide a change of pace, as Youth gatherings each month will include one OWL (Our Whole Lives) session, one evening activity outside of the fellowship, and two "traditional" sessions.  Activities and discussion topics are chosen by Youth and guided by our Youth Advisors.  Please see the attached calendar for a complete schedule.



A Little About Our 2016-2017 Youth Advisors...

Kris loves her job as a barista at The Cafe, where she gets to make connections and interact with the community.  She holds a mechanical engineering degree from Colorado State, but shows her strong interest in botany and herbalism through her love of gardening and growing things.  Kris is trained to teach OWL (Our Whole Lives Lifespan Sexuality Education) for ages 5 to 18.  And finally, she has two kids (ages 9 & 11) and her greatest wish in all the world is to be able to sing on key!  Kris will be facilitating both OWL nights and regular Youth Group nights.

Freddi is a part of the Campus & Young Adult group here at the UUFA.  Freddi identifies as genderqueer (transgender), using the pronouns "they" or "he."  They work assisting children and adults with disabilities at Lutheran Services of Iowa and Childserve.  He likes cats, dinosaurs, sharks, Legos, baking, games, and the Hawkeyes, and looks forward to getting to know everyone this year!  Freddi will be an advisor for regular Youth Group nights.

James and David B., both long time members of the UUFA, will organize activity nights.  Whether it's a hike, bonfire, solstice celebration, or something else, it will be fun!  They led the Youth on a few adventures last year and look forward to more!

David S., another long time UUFAer, will join Kris on OWL nights.  He has facilitated several rounds of OWL classes for different ages, and he has spent a few years on the UUFA Board of Directors, and sings with the Fellowship Voices.  When he's not busy being an engineer or volunteer, he enjoys spending time with his family.  David is looking forward to the chance to expand the UUFA's OWL opportunities this year!

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