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Adult Religious Education

For further information, please contact the office at 515-292-5960 or


Adult Coming of Age

Friends and members are invited to “come of age” along with our youth in a separate but tandem Coming Of Age (COA) program lead by the minister and other adults of the Fellowship. This adult component will mirror the COA topics and programming at the same time in separate meeting space. Child care will be available for younger family members; just let the office know of your needs. Presentations and discussions will address some of the major theological questions we ask throughout life such as: Why religion? Why do we exist? Is there a special purpose in life just for me? Why do bad things happen? What is "God”? The program meet twice a months (one Wednesday night and one Sunday afternoon) during the program year.


Heretics and Spirituality

Heretics & Spirituality meets on Wednesdays at 7:00, and newcomers are always welcome.  Join us for interesting reading selections and lively discussions!  

Have more questions?  Simply email!


Sunday Forums

The UUFA is a diverse community, welcoming differing opinions and beliefs in many ways.  One way we share these differences is by welcoming presenters to come and speak at the Fellowship.  Topics and subjects vary.  One to two-hour sessions are typically comprised of a presentation, followed by discussion or Q&A.  Check your UUFA Weekly Email or the calendar (on the home page) for more details. 

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